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Changing Seasons

September 2023

Labor Day always signaled the last gasp of summer and the start of school for me as I was growing up. It was a time when you could feel the summer season changing to fall, and the baseball team you were rooting for had a realistic chance to make the playoffs. Go Phillies!

The fall season also meant that fairs and festivals would be in full swing, and that we could meet our friends and enjoy all the games and entertainment they provided. In this issue, we feature some special events across Virginia that will provide fun for the whole family.

We are honored to give out a Good Samaritan Award to individuals who have provided exceptional service to others that constitutes a body of good works so extraordinary, so selfless and so life-changing to those whom it has touched. Be sure to read the article in this issue.

There are a lot of businesses throughout our three-state service territory that support the VMD Association in the events and services that we provide to our members. One of these businesses is Sentinel Robotic Solutions, which is featured in our cover story about using technology to help positively impact families of autistic children in the A&N Electric Cooperative and surrounding communities. It is an amazing story that we are excited to bring to our readers. We want to thank SRS and the rest of our Associate Members that continue to support us in our mission to serve our members.

Brian S. Mosier, President & CEO

Virginia, Maryland & Delaware Association of Electric Cooperatives