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Enjoying What’s Left of Summer

August 2023

 It’s August, the time most folks try to get in as much last-chance summer activity as they can before school starts back up. 

Whether going back means returning to elementary, middle, high school or college, August is a time to enjoy freedom, family, friends and special relationships formed during the summer. 

A good example of summer activity is our coverage of the 2023 Youth Tour. There were 36 students representing our cooperative members who traveled to our nation’s capital for a week of education, entertainment and engagement from across the United States. The event has grown to include nearly 1,800 young adults that participated this year representing 44 states. It’s an awesome event that has almost 60 years of history with the cooperatives, often forming friendships that last a lifetime. 

One of the themes of our August issue is “beating the heat” with our cover story about a nice, air-conditioned parade- float museum that families can visit in Quicksburg, Va., located in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley. It’s called American Celebration on Parade and is one of only two parade-float warehouse museums in the country. It features parade floats from the 1940s up through the modern day. 

I hope you also get a chance to check out all the other wonderful features and photos throughout the magazine. There are stories about a scenic overlook in Powell Valley, some breathing techniques that can help relieve stress, and some tasty spinach recipes. 

As another summer draws to a close, enjoy these final warm days of fun and freedom with your family before school, fall activities and regular work routines take over your schedule again. 

Brian S. Mosier, President & CEO
Virginia, Maryland & Delaware Association of Electric Cooperatives