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The Largest Co-op Tackles COVID

APRIL 2022

A farmer in India.

Since 1967, the Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative has been providing soil nutrients and promoting agricultural productivity in the world’s most populous democracy. During that time, IFFCO has grown into the largest cooperative in the world, with around 35,000 member systems owned by 50 million farmers. It contributes up to one-third of the fertilizers in India.

When the coronavirus hit the subcontinent, IFFCO built four new oxygen plants to help hospitals treat COVID-19. The cooperative’s 400 field officers act as “coronavirus troopers,” doing awareness and relief distribution work on the ground. They reached out to the farmers through WhatsApp and relief distribution and awareness camps, set up at more than 1,400 locations benefiting 650,000 people. The campaign will continue until the country is free of COVID.

“India’s COVID-19 fight is people-driven. It gets strength from our COVID warriors. Our collective efforts have helped in saving many lives. We have to continue the momentum and protect our citizens from the virus,” says Dr. U.S. Awasthi, managing director of IFFCO.