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November/December 2020

Bill Sherrod, Editor


Until about 25 years ago, I had never heard of horses being used for therapy purposes. Then, while serving as chair of the Northern Virginia chapter of the Boeing Employees Good Neighbor Fund, I received a grant request from an equestrian center serving children in nearby Maryland. We visited the facility as part of the evaluation of the grant request and were amazed, not only at the facility and its devoted staff, but at the results achieved. Very much along the same lines as described in your September “Where Heroes Come to Heal” article, the children, most of whom had severe emotional or psychological disorders, were calmed and better able to deal with their difficulties after several visits to the facility. Needless to say, the grant application was approved.

Thank you for a moving and informative article.

— James Sherry, Winchester, Va.


I am president of Woodlife Chapter 468 in Mechanicsville, Va., and we have donated to Lonesome Dove Equestrian Center for several years. We think this is a wonderful place for veterans to ride and we thank you for this wonderful story in your September issue of Cooperative Living.

— Rebecca Baker, Henrico, Va.


Margo Oxendine’s Rural Living column is one of my favorites in Cooperative Living, but I felt the need to write regarding September’s “The Jaguar Preserve” with respect to her statement that Belize is “not the safest place for tourists.” While there are places on mainland Belize and on Ambergris Caye to which that may apply, as someone who has spent three winters in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, I have found Belize to be one of the most welcoming, safest destinations in the Caribbean. The Belizeans are warm, friendly people who have an infectious joie de vivre. I know many American and Canadian expats on Ambergris Caye who have made the island their permanent home and I daresay would find parts of the U.S. much less safe than their beloved Belize. As for the night hike through the jaguar preserve, that’s something I’ve yet to do, so I will be sure to do so when I return this winter.

— Kathy Wisiackas, Manteo, N.C.