May 2021

Ghost Tours Map


Explore the Old Brick Inn, Kemp House and St. Mary’s Square. Visit the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, which has ghosts in a former brothel, and the ghost that still wants to pay his bill to his innkeeper.


This town in Caroline County has one of the most haunted sites on the Eastern Shore … the old Denton Jail, believed to be haunted by Wish Sheppard. There’s still a lot of activity in that building. Visit two very old graveyards and haunted houses of doctors, sailors, sea captains and senators.

Above photo: The Taylor House in Denton, Md. is one of the stops on the ghost walk there.
(Courtesy Chesapeake Ghost Walks)


Talbot County, beautiful commercial historic district with a haunted courthouse, hotel, theater, pub, Odd Fellows Lodge, orphans home, bed and breakfast, and a cemetery with more than 10,000 graves.


Guests take a walk down haunted High Street and hear about the floating ghost, the confederate soldier, Bloody Henny, Patty Cannon, family curses, grave robbers and a singing grave.

Above photo: A graveyard in Cambridge, Md. Graveyards are often attached to churches, while cemeteries generally stand alone.
(Courtesy Chesapeake Ghost Walks)


Tour the Inlet to 4th Street and hear about hotels still haunted by their founders, a cigarette-smoking ghost, a hanged opera singer, the ghosts of Assateague Island, murders, suicides and accidental deaths that have caused spirits to linger.

Above photo: While on the ghost tour in Ocean City, Md., even everyday boardwalk items can seem scary, such as these stuffed lobster midway prizes.
(Photo by Gregg MacDonald)


Beautiful Victorian town famed for the very haunted Atlantic Hotel (nice ghosts) and Windy Brow. Hear also about politicians, bankers, eccentric merchants and a “healing tree.”


City ghosts haunting the old government and commercial buildings along the Wicomico River are the highlight of this tour. Some heavy energy hangs around the old courthouse where slaves were once auctioned and two lynchings occurred. But the energy is happy and joyful around the old firehouse headquarters. The spirit of “Old Rock” is apparently still at home there.


Snow Hill is famous for its ghost William Aydelotte, the young pharmacology student whose story was featured on the National Geographic television network. William died by suicide and now haunts the Snow Hill Inn. Hear also about needlework artists, spinster sisters who loved and entertained neighborhood children, Gov. John Walter Smith and the mansion he still “occupies,” and the Purnell’s of the River House.


A walk through a true watermen’s town. Hear about seafood barons who still haunt their former home and the picking houses. Hear about the only library in America that also serves as a mausoleum. Hear about the “Coasting Captain,” one of the last sea captains to operate a three-masted schooner.


Visit the remarkable Teackle Mansion and learn about the results of a study done by paranormal investigators. Learn about who haunts the old jail, the firehouse and the Washington Hotel.

Above photo: Chesapeake Ghost Walks owner and storyteller Mindie Burgoyne in front of the Teackle Mansion in Princess Anne, Md. a stop on the ghost walk there..
(Photo by Gregg MacDonald)


Pocomoke, a town on the river, has many river and forest ghosts. This walk goes into the swampy forest (at night) and the guide will tell unnerving stories about what has been seen in that dark swampy forest. Plus learn of a sea captain who walks on water, a helpful ghost in the MarVa Theater and a child in Costen House.

Above photo: The Littleton T. Clarke House in Pokomoke City, Md., a stop on the ghost walk there.
(Courtesy of Chesapeake Ghosts Walks)