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Manage Winter’s Impact on Heating Costs

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Historically, the biggest source of energy use in your home comes from your heating and cooling system. It’s important to know there are many factors that can impact your electric bill, including weather, the number of people in your home, and your electrical appliances and devices. is winter, Prince George Electric Cooperative is encouraging members to take advantage of these exclusive SmartHub tools to keep your heating bills low:

Keep tabs on your energy use. By monitoring your daily energy use, you will have better insight into any changes in your home that might be causing electric use increases. Seeing changes in use will help you to take action to make adjustments that will save you money this winter.

Monitor your billing real-time. No more waiting for paper bills; you can now access your account as soon as it’s available when you sign up for paperless billing. With paperless billing, members get instant access to their bills, minus the paper piling up in mailboxes.

Manage your payments hassle-free. Finding time to pay your bill is easy and convenient when you set up monthly automatic payments with SmartHub AutoPay or bank draft. By activating these automated options, you can eliminate the hassle of a missed payment or service interruption. For more information, visit pgec.coop/smarthub.