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Utility Poles Are Not Bulletin Boards

What many do not realize is the danger it poses for lineworkers.

Yard sale signs, event signs, party signs and holiday decorations, you name it, andSVEC has seen it. Once the sign is removed or blows away with the wind, the fastener remains intact.

Something as small and seemingly innocent as a nail or staple left in a pole can put a lineworker in harm’s way. These sharp objects can puncture a lineworker’s personal protective equipment, such as rubber gloves and clothing. When protective gear is damaged, it puts the lineworker at risk of electrocution.

Holes from screws or nails can also allow moisture to enter the wooden poles, which causes premature decay and could decrease structural integrity. This not only increases maintenance costs, but could eventually cause the pole to fall over, causing power outages and putting those around the pole at risk.

Additionally, attaching signs on utility poles is against the law in Virginia. Anyone who places items on poles is subject to a civil penalty of $100, according to state code. Unauthorized attachments also violate the National Electric Safety Code.

Please do your part to help us keep cooperative lineworkers and our communities safe. Do not attach anything to utility poles, and remove unauthorized items. We appreciate your cooperation.