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REC Plans for the Future While Putting Members First

Strategic vision shines light on Cooperative’s commitment to excellence.

Putting Members First

You’ve probably seen the stories: Utilities nationwide face pressure to improve the grid in preparation for an onslaught of electric-vehicle charging. At the same time, they must build up defenses to protect against complex cybersecurity attacks and comply with new regulations and requirements for clean energy technologies.

Rappahannock Electric Cooperative (REC) is keenly aware of these and other significant challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.  REC also knows that behind every decision it makes are real people who depend on the Cooperative to put them first.

Together with you, the Cooperative has weathered a pandemic, a supply chain crisis and record inflation—all within the past few years.  That doesn’t include literally weathering major storms.

REC also recognizes that many of its members continue to face financial struggles and are looking for ways to save energy and money.

Your Cooperative is focused on a future that looks out for you, its member-owners. That’s why REC was excited to announce a rate reduction for all member-owners in August.

That’s why, over the past 18 months, REC has rolled out Vividly Brighter solutions for affordable energy efficiency.

Your Cooperative has also made it easier for members to purchase energy-related products and services. For members interested in smart solar solutions and electric vehicle charging, Vividly Brighter has options for them, too.

Through meticulous research, collaboration with industry leaders and a strong strategic vision, REC continues to lead the way for electric cooperatives across the country.

REC works every day to keep rates low while helping members who want to drive electric vehicles, support solar power, increase energy efficiency in their homes or connect to broadband in their unserved communities.

Over the past year, for instance, REC consolidated the most important issues, opportunities and risks into six strategic themes that are of the highest priority. Combined, they serve as the backbone of REC’s new five-year strategic plan—a plan that is focused on you.

Here are some highlights:

Affordability and Value

At your Cooperative, leaders work tirelessly to ensure that sound business decisions keep rates as low as possible for all member- owners. REC balances the need for upgrading and improving the grid and other critical initiatives with the need to ensure bills are affordable. Our focus is always on you, the member-owner.

Member and Community Engagement

At REC, this means powering economic prosperity at businesses large and small, serving as your energy experts and supporting schools, nonprofits and other community-based groups that take care of those in need. That includes everything from powering large-scale data centers to making sure local schools have the supplies they need.

Grid Readiness

Along with safety, this will always be REC’s top priority. All utilities face challenges related to improving reliability and preparing for electrification growth, especially related to the expansion of electric vehicle charging and adding renewable energy resources to the grid. REC will target initiatives to modernize the grid, minimize outages and continue to invest in the technologies of the future. With the support of highly skilled engineers, lineworkers and a nationally recognized data and analytics team, your Cooperative remains in a position of strength.

Enterprise Technology

REC is focused on technology that allows the Cooperative to build and maintain efficient workflows, improve internal communication, and provide access to data. The results are increases in security, agility, responsiveness and productivity in operations.

Business Acuity

REC is positioned to quickly grasp and analyze complex situations, make informed decisions and adapt effectively to changing circumstances. This means the Cooperative can quickly identify opportunities, minimize risks and navigate any challenges that might lie ahead. With a forward-leading Board of Directors, REC has a long history of making sound investments grounded in the wisdom of its strategic leadership team.

Organizational Agility and Workforce Strength

This will allow REC to perform efficiently and according to a predictable business plan. REC will work to optimize processes across departments to achieve efficiencies. REC will also develop initiatives to ensure it continues to attract, retain and develop a high-performing workforce.