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RURALBAND Testimonial: How the internet saved our lives and our jobs

Agusta Miskimon

When asked what her experience with RURALBAND has been, Agusta Miskimon, spouse of member Arthur Miskimon, had a response that we don’t hear too often: “RURALBAND saved our lives and our jobs.”

It’s no secret that COVID underscored the need for broadband and changed the landscape of many homes across the country. However, living in the Miskimon household is clear evidence of just how much of a necessity adequate internet is.

As a client services coordinator for James House, Agusta works remotely from her Carson home. “My husband and I both have jobs that require us to work remotely,” she says. Since August 2022, Agusta says that she has loved her RURALBAND service. She notes that the service is very fast and the customer service she receives is top tier whenever she has an issue.

“Thanks to RURALBAND, our daughter is able to use the internet for school and other things and my husband and I are able to keep up with the demands and requirements of our jobs,” she says.

President and CEO Sarat Yellepeddi says that Mr. and Mrs. Miskimon are yet another example of how RURALBAND can enhance the quality of life in your household or business.

Want to experience great high-speed internet service like the Miskimon household? Members are encouraged to spread the word and register at RURALBAND.coop.