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Out of Power?

We’re just a text away

It’s faster and easier than ever for members to report a power outage and receive updates with Prince George Electric Cooperative’s outage text alerts.

“When members are already at an inconvenience during a power outage, we want them to know we’re here for them,” says Sadra Jarratt, the co-op’s manager of member services. “This is yet another tool the co-op has made available for members to conveniently communicate with us.”

Members can report their outage by text message, receive confirmation it was received, and notification when your power has been restored — all by text messaging!


The enrollment process for power outage texting is also easy. Members can sign up via SmartHub. Sign into your PGEC SmartHub account. Under “Settings,” choose “Manage Notifications.” Under “Billing, Miscellaneous and Service,” choose the types of notifications you’d like to receive and whether you’d like to receive them via text or email. Please note that your cellphone plan’s standard text messaging and data rates apply.


Already have a SmartHub account and signed up for outage texting alerts? Texting your outage to PGEC just requires texting “OUT” to 855-939-3608. As always, members can still report an outage by calling 804-834-2424.

Learn more at pgec.coop/report-outage