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Manager’s Message: Power of Giving

by Bill Buchanan, CEO, BARC Electric Cooperative

At BARC, we are committed to improving the quality of life in our communities.

Our BARC team is thankful for the community we serve and are grateful for all the opportunities we had this year to help serve our members.

BARC holds value in our commitment to our communities and this holiday season is no different. Within our own community, some families are forced to choose which bills they can actually pay, which often leads to past-due balances piling up and even disconnection of services.


Built upon the foundation of members helping members, BARC’s community service program Power from the Heart is designed to help members keep the lights on when times are tough.

Power from the Heart was created to help those members in emergency situations who have fallen on hard times and require assistance paying their energy bills. The program is available when traditional sources of assistance fall through. By choosing to participate, members agree to have their electric bill rounded up to the nearest dollar, costing a maximum of only 99 cents each month. Funds raised through Power from the Heart may be individually small, but cumulatively make a significant and positive difference in our members’ lives. Roughly 15% of people in our area struggle to pay their electricity bills. BARC member service representatives work diligently each day to find ways to help members avoid disconnection of service. Now, qualified members facing financial hardship can also find help through Power from the Heart.

All funds raised through Power from the Heart are exclusively used to meet extraordinary local needs. Help fellow members keep the power on with funding coming from small heartfelt contributions.


Enroll in Power from the Heart today by visiting the link below to sign in to the customer portal and select “Services” at ebill.barcelectric.com/onlineportal.