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Help Support Members Helping Members This Holiday Season

With the holiday season around the corner, please consider giving to Members Helping Members to help our neighbors in need.

Members Helping Members Inc. is a community nonprofit organization and was established to assist families needing assistance in paying their electric service bills.

Over 2,500 Co-op members are currently contributing more than $3,000 monthly in amounts ranging from under $1, with the program’s round-up option, to as much as $10.

“Our ‘Round Up’ option is a great place to start if you’re interested in giving,” says Lori Shre

aves, A&N Electric Cooperative’s member services director. “It has a minimal impact on the individuals who chose that option, but it adds up very quickly.”

Members who are eligible to receive funding from Members Helping Members should contact their county’s Department of Social Services.

A&N Electric Cooperative, in cooperation with Members Helping Members Inc. secures funding with voluntary donations through the Cooperative’s electric service bills.

On average, the program assists more than 200 Co-op members annually. Members of the Cooperative who would like to donate to the program can log onto anec.com and search “Members Helping Members.” Fill out the online form or speak with one of our member services representatives by calling 757-787-9750.

Eligibility requirements are also listed on the Cooperative’s website. Donations to the program are tax deductible and 100% of the funding goes to members in need. The Cooperative will hold a Members Helping Members fundraising drive in December.