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Strengthening Your Family Connection

Four ways to share childhood classics with your kids

October 2023

Introduce children to favorite genres, popular characters or specific authors, then head to the library to search the shelves.

Story courtesy of Family Features

In spite of busy school-day schedules and never-ending to-do lists, most families want to maintain a sense of connectedness all year round. Special moments with your family start by leaving behind that checklist, setting smartphones aside and saving responsibilities for tomorrow.

If you catch yourself reminiscing about the good times you grew up with, turning back the clock and showing your kids what childhood was like for you is one way to foster a better connection with your children. Throw it back to your childhood with these family-favorite activities to enjoy at the dining room table, after school or over a weekend.


Take it a more educational route and hook your children on a favorite novel, short story or book series. You can introduce them to favorite genres, popular characters or specific authors, then head to the library to search the shelves. In fact, you could be giving them a leg up on English class; literature from your days in the classroom might still be read in schools today.


The whole family can go on a bike ride.

Tech devices from tablets to video game consoles often dominate kids’ free time, but you can open their minds to a whole new world with a little outdoor exploration. Climb aboard bicycles (and strap on those helmets) for a cruise around the neighborhood or enjoy bird watching from the comfort of the backyard. If you’re on the adventurous side, gather a tent and s’mores supplies for a night or weekend in the great outdoors.


Your kids may love your childhood favorite films.

No VCR, no problem. A range of streaming services available at your fingertips means you can watch remastered classics just using a smart TV or casting device. Whether it’s a Spielberg favorite, original superhero flick or comedy classic, an abundance of kid- friendly movies from the video-rental days are ready to watch online.


It may be time to dust off those old board games.

Another way to turn kids’ attention from screens to the physical world is to dust off those old board games for some fun at the dining room table. Start with the basics like checkers or, with older children, jump straight into strategy-based brain games like chess for a dose of friendly competition.