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Getting Organized

Quick indoor organization projects for fall

October 2023

Story courtesy of Statepoint Content

From leaving on vacations and weekend getaways to heading out for a hike or to a sporting event, frequent in-and-out traffic in summer can leave our spaces a mess in the fall. While a deep clean can be reserved for the dead of winter, home organizing expert Abby Lawson of the popular Abby Organizes blog says there are quick ways to tidy up the home now, in preparation for all seasons.


“Helping everyone adopt a routine when they come into the house encourages tidiness,” Lawson explains. “If you have little kids, hang some hooks to their level where they enter, so hanging their bag becomes part of their routine.”


“No matter how much we try to clean up, staying organized will come down to the habits that we have,” Lawson says. “Institute a daily or weekly reset, where everyone in the family works together to get everything back to where it goes. That will keep the clutter from piling up.


From tongs to skewers, we often use the same tools to cook in the summer. Lawson suggests storing go-to grilling gadgets in a caddy, so they can easily be taken from inside to out. She also says to divide drawers with small trays and use shelf liner with fun prints and patterns under the trays to add a pop of color to the area. Additionally, put bulky items like egg, pineapple and watermelon slicers in a basket on a higher shelf, so they don’t take up drawer space.


Whether you’re heading on a day trip or a road trip, the car can easily get chaotic. Lawson recommends putting an organizer on each of the back seats, so kids’ snacks, electronics and car games are easily accessible. These pockets can also be a handy place for hand sanitizer, trash bags and water.

Setting up these simple organizing systems with the help of useful products and organizing tools will encourage tidy habits for a neat home all season long.