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For South Boston seafood, Breedlove’s is the catfish’s meow

July 2023

photo by Peggy Hyland

By Peggy Hyland, Contributing Writer

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When I heard the best seafood in South Boston, Va., was from a food truck, I immediately started planning my trip. Breedlove’s Seafood has been a local institution for decades and has definitely earned its reputation. This easy-going eatery is a simple food truck located on North Main Street, just a few blocks from downtown.

Shrimp, scallops, fish and fries. Photo by Peggy Hyland

I was looking for a menu when a gentleman greeted me from his casual perch. He said, “I’ll make it easy on you: We have fish, shrimp and scallops.” Hungry from the drive, we opted to try all three.

The gentleman turned out to be none other than Breedlove Ford, known to all as Mr. Breedlove, who has owned and operated the food truck for over 40 years. He got his start cooking for the Department of Corrections at Powhatan Correctional Center and mastered the kitchens at several other regional institutions before retiring. He is well known to the local community, and everyone who came for their lunch greeted him by name. We encountered a young woman who had moved away to Louisiana but returned for a family event. She enthusiastically stated that she had been looking forward to her Breedlove’s lunch the whole trip. “I got to get my fish!” she exclaimed.

Generous portions will fill you up and the flavor will have you wanting more. Photo by Peggy Hyland

As with most food trucks, there is no dining room or place to eat. There are some chairs to sit in when waiting for your food, which is cooked to order, so it is not sitting around. The shaded area is heated by a wood stove in the winter, cooled by a fan in the summer, and full of locals who greet each other warmly. Most of the patrons were getting their meals to take home to their families. We walked across the street to a local park and enjoyed our lunch in the shade of a picnic pavilion. The fish was flaky and tender, the shrimp were delicately cooked, and the scallops were little pillows of flavor. Each meal came with hot sauce (the local favorite) and tartar sauce, as well as a hearty serving of fries. The food was easy, unpretentious, filling and delicious. The portions were generous and the price was very reasonable. With their menu limited to four types of seafood (catfish, whiting, shrimp, scallops) and fries, you will need to get drinks elsewhere, but there is a convenience store right next door.

I asked Mr. Breedlove if I could take his photo. He declined, saying, “Just knowing you enjoyed it is worth more to me than a thousand photos.” He said he wants to rely on his name alone because his name goes a long way in the community. His genuine spirit shines through in his friendliness as much as his food, and both are true South Boston treasures.

Breedlove’s Seafood
1716 N. Main St., South Boston, VA 24592
(434) 446-4179