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Mother Earth

Every year on April 22, a special celebration honoring our home planet happens

April 2023

Story and artwork by Anne M. Dellinger, Contributing Columnist

It is the annual Earth Day tribute and, in a way, it is almost like having a big birthday/appreciation party for our beautiful blue and green globe. All around the world, there will be festivities and events reminding everyone to cherish and take care of our favorite place, MOTHER EARTH.


We earthlings have found countless ways to connect with all that this life-giving planet provides.

If you like to do the things listed here, then you are certainly connected!

… run barefoot in soft grasses.

… wade through a chilly stream.

… play in salty waves at the ocean.

… hike challenging mountain trails.

… grow amazing plants.

… encounter an awesome animal.

Time spent building a bond with nature is not only enjoyable, it is also good for your health. Studies show that connecting with nature for just 20 minutes a day reduces stress and improves one’s mood.

So, if Mother Earth is helping us stay happy and healthy, shouldn’t we return the favor, by investing in her overall health?

That is exactly what Earth Day is all about. In over 190 countries, there will be a billion people of all ages observing this inspiring and action filled occasion.

There will be teach-ins and rallies raising awareness of climate change, environmental issues and the importance of protecting the earth’s natural resources.

Schools will participate in poster contests and workshops that challenge students to create ideas for REDUCING, REUSING AND RECYCLING.

Communities will sponsor parades, nature walks, tree plantings and clean-ups to encourage the general public to get involved outdoors.

Earth Day is widely recognized as the largest secular event in the world. Working together for Mother Earth’s well-being is not only the right thing to do … it is vital to everyone’s existence!

Never forget that our planet belongs to all of us. And while none of us can fix all its problems, all of us can do something.


“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”—Dr. Seuess

If you are ready to become that caring someone but do not know where to start, look over the following suggestions. Invite a friend to join you and your caregiving impact will double!

Conduct a Mother Earth photo shoot

Walk through your neighborhood with a camera and take photos (selfies, too) of budding trees, early spring flowers, insects, a stream, animals … anything nature related. Print and hang the photos where you and your family will often be reminded to admire and safeguard Mother Earth’s treasures. As the seasons change, take new pictures. Nature is fascinating every month of the year!

Plant something

Adding flowers, trees or vegetables to the earth is always a great way to celebrate the planet. If your family has a garden, ask for a small plot to grow a few plants of your own. Or, you may want to try patio/porch gardening. Be creative with your planters, using an old bucket or large plastic bottles, remembering to prepare drainage holes.

There are many recycling ideas online for making clever planters.

The following plants will do well, either in-ground or in containers — Veggies — beans, lettuce, tomatoes. Flowers — black-eyed Susan, petunias, salvia.

The pollinators (bees, butterflies and hummingbirds) will thank you!

Make a Promise to Mother Earth

Decide to be proactive about the earth’s huge litter problem by making a commitment to pick up and dispose of one piece of trash, or more if you can, every single day for the next year.

It takes a small amount of effort and you will besetting an example for others to follow. Imagine the impact if everyone in your neighborhood picked up a single piece of litter for 365 days! Can you picture that pile … how many garbage trucks would it fill?!

Better still, remind people to just stop littering in the first place!

Brain teasers with Earth Day reminders

Mother Earth would be much happier if there was less plastic, less food waste, less single use-food ware and less all kinds of trashy litter scattered about.

This is a simple “less is more” reminder, meaning, having less trash equals more benefits for the planet.

You can make this timely message happen on the Word Ladder by changing LESS to MORE in 5 steps, replacing only one letter each time to form a new word. Use the clues only if you need them.

The relationship between humans and the natural world is a fragile one. Thankfully, there are many people who are keeping the bond strong through dedicated actions. These are the people who truly love all that the natural world offers and want to provide care for its future health.

You can show how this message of LOVE leads to CARE in three easy steps on this Word Ladder.

As long as there are wise and compassionate caregivers, Mother Earth will be in good hands. Let’s make every day a happy EARTH DAY!

Zinnias are ready!

Add some beauty to your little corner of the world by growing some heirloom zinnias either in a garden plot or in large containers. Mother Earth’s pollinators will be so very happy!

To order heirloom zinnia seeds: send$2 and a self-addressed envelope with 2 stamps. A4x9 or 6×9 envelope works best. Mail to: Anne M. Dellinger, 3328 Red Banks Road, Mt. Jackson, VA 22842