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Tips for Planning Winter Getaways

January 2023

Story courtesy of Family Features

Winter occasions and celebrations equate to increased travel opportunities for many families to see destinations around the globe.Whether you’re planning a trip far from home or taking advantage of nearby attractions during a staycation, you can get more out of your adventures when you plan ahead.

Consider these facts, figures and tips from the travel experts at Go City.


Overall, Americans spend an average of 14 hours planning their getaways, the majority of which happens online or with the help of apps that provide booking information, directions, localized tips and more. In addition to deciding where to go and what to do once you get there, you may find planning ahead and checking restaurant reviews is especially helpful for those first hours after you arrive. Upon arrival, the first order of business for travelers is often refueling with a good meal, typically based on reviews they read before reaching their destination. Also research attractions and create a plan of things you’d like to do each day, even if you don’t follow it to the letter.

Remember, while many attractions and entertainment options provide flexibility, some should be booked in advance. Check individual websites for events, attractions and more to find details about booking and tickets, if required.


If you’re like many Americans, you may favor traveling to a place where temperatures are warm and you can soak up some sunshine.However, taking advantage of some of those typically warmer destinations outside of peak season can actually provide a way to avoid lines and enjoy a break from the heat. For example, locals in Orlando prefer to visit the area’s popular theme parks in the winter. Using an option like Go City can help you save and experience more to make your off-season trip even better with access to Legoland Florida, Fun Spot America and Boggy Creek Airboat Tours.

Go City experience passes provide access to popular attractions in 30 major cities around the world such as New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Orlando, London, Bangkok, Barcelona, Dubai and more. Cancun is another hot spot; using the All-Inclusive Pass during the cooler months allows you to take advantage of one of the best times of the year to enjoy Xcaret at Night, along with the Cancun Scenic Tower. Other favorites among visitors include the SkyWheel and parasailing adventures.


Smart packing is an often-overlooked secret to successful travel. Not only do you need enough attire for each day, but you may also need extras to accommodate special activities or adjust to changing temperatures throughout the day and evening hours. Sixty-three percent of Americans pack the night before a big trip, but starting sooner can help ensure you don’t forget anything important. Starting a packing list well ahead of time can help you get a jump on your trip preparation. Start planning now, your adventure awaits

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