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Mailbag October 2021

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October 2021

Bill Sherrod, Editor


Cooperative Living has to be one of the BEST magazines in publication! The articles are always humorous, inspirational and informative. It is so refreshing to read a magazine that is full of uplifting articles. Thanks again for the great job you guys do in publishing your magazine, and for the great service our local electric cooperative provides to us here in South Boston, Va.

Judy Green, South Boston, Va.


Amanda Creasey’s article, Blue Ridge Tunnel Vision, well describes the re-opened tunnel that I and my family visited (both ends) in the 1970s when my wife’s parents lived in Crozet. But while the article is informative and interesting, the absence of the name of the central engineer, Claudius Crozet, is striking. Not once is he mentioned or credited in the article although a principal group which fostered the restoration is named “Claudius Crozet Blue Ridge Tunnel Foundation.” The popular or local name for the tunnel, “Crozet Tunnel,” also seems studiously avoided. For an article about a “Remarkable Engineering Feat,” is the engineer no less remarkable than mention of nearby places to eat?

Dan Stapleton, Aldie, Va.


I’m a member of BARC Electric Cooperative. Waking up in the middle of the night, I noticed my digital clock was dark. The power was out. First thing after getting up at 7 a.m. and taking the dog out, was to call BARC. By the time I finished my breakfast, a BARC worker was pulling up to my back door where I greeted him. We walked up the hill to the last pole where he replaced the fuse. It blew, indicating an underground short. Within an hour, a crew was working to find the short and by lunch time, it was repaired and covered. This wasn’t the first time that BARC had to do repairs, in the 25 years on my property, and although I have always been appreciative to the crews at the time, I have been remiss in recognizing them to others.


THANK YOU for not only doing your job well, but also being courteous and friendly at the same time!

– Christian Best, Glasgow, Va.