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Mailbag August 2021

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August 2021

Bill Sherrod, Editor


Your ThrowBack column was great in the July issue with the Lonesome Corner. The old artwork brought back memories of a simpler time … you know, the REA also supported rural telephone services, too, and we had a party line near Manassas in the 1960s and could listen in. This was, perhaps, the precursor to Facebook? Maybe a story idea. I have always appreciated the magazine.

Will Thornton, Prince William County, Va.


When I moved to Chase City in 1988 as pastor of Crewe UMC, I often walked by a mystery garden on my way to church from the parsonage. I often wondered what the story was behind those fences. I was pleased to find the answer in the June issue of Cooperative Living. I was no longer living there when it formally became the MacCallum More Museum & Gardens. Nice to know I can now go see it in its entirety.

I often think of writing but never do. I especially wanted to thank the lineworkers who worked tirelessly to repair the immense damage done during the February ice storm. We were out of power for 10 days and were ever so grateful when our power was restored. I was also saddened by the complaints of people who didn’t seem to understand the enormity of the task they faced.

Dr. Alexis Fathbruckner, Blackstone, Va.


On the evening of July 1, we had a mild thunderstorm in Page County. I heard a crack of lightning, and my lights and TV went off. I looked at my neighbor across the road and her lights were on. Knowing that my co-op account is always paid, I called and reported this. In a few minutes, I saw a Shenandoah Valley Electric Cooperative truck outside. It pulled away and was back in a few minutes. I walked out and asked the guy why my power was off and my neighbor’s power was on. He explained that I was connected to a different transformer. My electricity was working again within a half hour of my phone call. Some electric cooperative employees have to go out at any time, which could take them away from other events. Thank you for doing your job.

Jeff Kibler, Luray, Va.