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A Celebration Of Grilling

JULY 2022

Willy D’s Pool Que, representing Shenandoah Valley Electric Cooperative, scored big in this year’s Gaff-n-Grill competition, which was part of the Gaff-n-Go Lineworker Rodeo held in May. Above, the team of Donald Biller, Derek Miller, Moe Laprade and Phil Randolph tied for first place in mystery meat, which turned out to be chicken, and placed second in ribs and Boston butt. That performance was good for second overall out of 15 teams.

The team took its name from the owner of a pool where they started barbecuing. “They said it tasted pretty good, so we said what the heck and entered here,” Randolph laughs. Below, Biller talks about the team and its technique.

How did your team get into grilling?

We started grilling at tailgates. All four of us are in a Ruritan club that cooks, grills and barbeques. We always have a grill fired up over the weekend.

What is your preferred equipment?

Smoker/grill, wood or charcoal, is preferred to cook with.

What is your favorite meat to grill and why?

Beef, because you can really bring out the flavor. The grilled meat can be used in many cases like tacos, pizza toppings, nachos and sandwiches.

Can you pass along a couple of grilling tips?

Always use a meat thermometer. Do not cook by time. Low and slow is preferred. Low heat; take your time. Always grill your meat and rest before serving.

How important is it for the marinade to match the meat?

Not all spices and meats go together; that is part of grilling, to try different spices on different meats.

Tips from Tod Dodson – Rappahannock Electric Cooperative

                                   Bryan CoffeyTod Dodson


I started cooking in high school and spent years in the restaurant world. It truly is a labor of love. With the time and effort that is required, the life is not for everyone.

I would say the most important aspect of BBQ is being consistent. Whatever equipment you use, learn it. No two grills cook the same. Know your cooker and develop everything from there. Same with your rubs, marinades and sauces. Find what you like and move forward with them.

Make adjustments as needed and enjoy it. It is work and requires effort, but if you enjoy it, it is all good.

Got a tasty treat to share?

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