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Mailbag February 2021


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February 2021

Bill Sherrod, Editor


On Dec. 9, 2020, at about 7 p.m., a pole on the corner of the street was hit by a tractor-trailer. At 11 p.m., the crew was ready to replace the pole and turned off our power. I walked down to the corner and watched as the crew of eight worked together in wonderful harmony.

Your magazine always talks about the excellent training your line technicians receive and I was privileged to watch them in action, plus seeing a 50- foot pole replaced was quite amazing!

— Diane L. Norris, Winchester, Va.


Kudos to the Shore Delivery Corps featured in your January issue. My husband and I were introduced to Shore Delivery by a friend, Connie Owens (through the United Methodist Church), because we were in that older-age category of those most susceptible to COVID-19. Connie picked up our groceries for two weeks in March and then for the next 14 or 15 weeks, we had Shore Delivery with wonderful, helpful volunteers delivering our groceries right to our door.

What a blessing they were!

— Millie Frashure, Bloxom, Va.


We wanted to thank you for the articles in the magazine month after month. We thought we’d finally let you know that the January 2021 issue was no less full of enjoyable articles. We particularly enjoyed this issue’s Co-op People, Farm Life, Energy Sense, Co-op Principles, Smart Connect and Field Trip columns.

Thank you so much!

— Matt & Carolyn Rogers, Bracey, Va.


Thank you to your staff! The Cooperative Living magazine is enjoyable from cover to cover.

— Jean Marino, Front Royal, Va.