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Rock Around the Block

Making the most of your outdoor living spaces

June 2024

Creating outdoor living spaces is easy with manufactured stone.

story courtesy of Statepoint Media

Summer is the perfect time to get inspired to extend your living spaces outdoors, and manufactured stone veneer is one material that can help you do so affordably, quickly and with style.

As versatile as nature itself, this striking design feature can be customized by cut, stone type, color and grouting to be uniquely yours. Here are just a few project ideas incorporating manufactured stone that will elevate your outdoor spaces:

1. Love entertaining in the open air? Make it a year-round proposition with an outdoor kitchen complete with prep space, a built-in grill and oven, and, of course, manufactured stone veneer trimming.

2. Create a traditional campfire-style fire pit, or build a raised fire table with space for beverages and snacks, for an instant room-like feel.

3. Give your patio a cozy, comforting environment with an outdoor fireplace.

4. Build an elegant privacy wall for your hot tub or swimming pool.

5. Promote tranquility in your garden with a water feature, such as a koi pond or birdbath.

6. Replace wooden fencing around the perimeter of your yard with walls made of manufactured stone. You can also use this material for retaining walls or as a border between sections of your property.

7. Create one-of-a-kind seating in gathering spots, such as the gazebo or portico.

8. Make chore time more appealing by beautifying outbuildings like sheds and workshops.

9. For a beautiful and safe installation, it’s helpful to work with a professional contractor. They can also ensure your project follows local building codes.

Before getting your projects started, be sure your manufactured stone veneer looks and feels like the real thing. Manufactured stone profiles range from the rounded corners and smooth surfaces of river rock to the irregular, imperfect randomness of glacial fieldstone. Whether you select a stone profile that complements your home’s architectural style, your geographic region or your unique aesthetic, you have additional options to consider.