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Director Election Petitions Available in Rockingham

by Preston Knight, Communication Manager

It’s an important election year.

But, then again, it always is one at SVEC.

A new year means a new calendar of critical deadlines for candidates for the co-op’s board of directors. There’s one seat, representing Rockingham County, on this year’s ballot. Any members from that jurisdiction who wish to run for the board have until 4 p.m. Monday, April 1, to con rm their interest via petition. Members must be in good standing with the co-op to run and serve on the board.


For the document due April 1, at least 50 signatures of other SVEC account holders — they don’t have to live in Rockingham — is the minimum required for petition candidates. Petitioners are encouraged to obtain as many signatures as possible to ensure their document is certified.

A qualifications committee of co-op members will certify petitions by mid-April and con rm a candidate’s eligibility, including incumbent directors interested in pursuing re-election. Incumbents are not required to submit a petition.

Up to three petition candidates can run for a given board seat. If more than three petitioners seek to be on the ballot, the qualifications committee must select only three people as candidates. is excludes an incumbent, who, if interested in re-election, would be a fourth candidate in that case.

Directors for all seats are elected by all members, regardless of where a member lives, through mailed and online ballots, which will be sent around the third week of June. Election results are announced during SVEC’s annual meeting, scheduled to be held via telephone at 7 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 1.


Starting with the 2022 election, the board entered a transition period with the goal of having a nine- member board, with each member serving a three-year term and three offices up for election each year. The board currently has 10 directors, all serving four-year terms. The number of seats up for election each year varies while the transition is ongoing.

For the 2024 election, the Rockingham County seat will serve a three-year term.

2024 Qualifications Committee

This panel is the initial qualifications committee, serving a term running from January 2022 until the conclusion of the annual meeting in 2024.