Web Talk

For the Love of Fishing

The internet is a web of information for the angling enthusiast.

by Laura Emery, Field Editor


Fishing, for many, is a love affair.

Once you experience it, you’re often hooked. It’s the wonder of what lies beneath the water, the feel of the fishing rod in hand, the allure of Mother Nature’s serenade, the thrill of the catch.

From the quiet stillness of a deep-woods beaver pond, to the hypnotic rhythm of ocean waves, to the steady burble of a mountain stream, Virginia’s waterways beckon.

Appealing to everyone from the beginner to the expert angler, the following websites are the “reel” deal.


Fishing.com prides itself on “leading the world to the water” or, more appropriately, to the internet. This website acts as a connection between the fisher and the many fishing-related websites on the internet. From this site, you can link to information on everything from fishing accessories to fishing vacations. Let this website be your online guide for all things having to do with fishing. Search the site and find websites specifically oriented to your fishing needs.


What do dropper, double davy and duncan all have in common? They’re knots — and this website is definitely “knot” a waste of time. It specializes in all things knots, including fishing and boating. As the website’s tagline declares: “Better to know a knot and not need it, than need a knot and not know it.” You can even download the Animated Knot app from Apple’s app store, so you can take all its knotty-knowledge on the go.


At the Virginia Saltwater Fisherman’s Journal, you catch ’em and then report ’em. The Fisherman’s Journal has been utilized by recreational anglers since 2007 as a way to record fishing experiences. By archiving this information, anglers can identify successful fishing locations and conditions in the future. It also allows the fishing community, as a whole, to share and learn about other anglers’ experiences. According to the website, it benefits fishery managers because it allows them to assess fish populations by analyzing data provided by the site users.


Are the fish biting at your favorite fishing hole? The Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries puts out a Fishin’ Report. The information gathered on recent fishing conditions for primary lakes and rivers throughout the state comes from licensed agents, marinas, fishing guides and bait shops. The Fishin’ Report is extraordinarily helpful for any fisherman, but is only available as part of a free subscription to the Outdoor Report email newsletter, sent on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month. You can sign up for the newsletter through the website.


TakeMeFishing.org is a non-profit Virginia-based organization dedicated to increasing fishing and boating participation in the United States. Registration fees from boats and freshwater fishing licenses in Virginia help keep wildlife-management areas and public boat ramps accessible and maintained. There is also a wealth of general fishing information, especially for the novice. All of the fishing basics are covered, including techniques for different lures, casting and bait fishing. The website also has a place for posting photos of your first catch, an effort to encourage and hook new anglers.


Looking for fly-tying ideas? Head to this website. Whether you are a beginner or someone with more experience and looking for new patterns and flies to tie, this is your forum. Get critiques on your latest fly or swap fly-fishing gear. Here, you can also see what fish have been biting on and suggestions on how to plan a fishing trip.


The World Fishing Network is exactly what it sounds like ... a TV Channel centered on the world of fishing. The website has instructions on how to find the channel through your local television provider. Don’t have time to watch the television channel 24/7? With a quick click of the mouse, you can access all the information on the website. No matter what you are fishing for or how you are fishing, this website features a plethora of articles, videos, tips and hacks from the pros. For those who fish for dinner, they even have recipes for featuring the catch of the day. 


This website is packed with solid, easy-to-understand information. The website’s content is broken down by fish species and includes a profile of the species, including physical description and habits. Many of the fish featured on this website are the most popular freshwater fish in Virginia.


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