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Surviving the End of Summer with Kids

Websites that feature crafts and activities are sure to keep the whines away.

by Laura Emery, Field Editor


The first few months of summer are always magical for children ó filled with the joys of chasing butterflies through summer grass, sprinting through sprinklers, slurping up cold treats on a hot day, or playfully jumping waves at the beach.

But, eventually, the whines of boredom set in.

As the long, lazy days of summer draw to a close, many parents face the challenge of keeping young children or grandchildren entertained until itís time to return to school. But donít worry! The following websites feature a slew of boredom-busting activities to keep youngsters entertained and whine-free during the tail end of summer break.

Virginia Is for Kids


When it comes to summer planning, the state of Virginia has it all ó from beautiful beaches to majestic mountains. Instead of taking your travels out of state this summer, why not check out all the family-friendly destinations right here in Virginia? There are exciting theme parks and water parks, summer festivals spotlighting Virginiaís favorite flavors and sounds, camping opportunities, outdoor adventure spots and historic destinations galore. For summer fun for people of all ages in Virginia, be sure and check out this website.

Old-Fashioned Fun



This website lists 50 different ways to share old-fashioned traditions ó activities, games and pastimes ó with children or grandchildren. Activities range from having a bubblegum-blowing contest to playing hopscotch. Thereís bound to be something that will inspire a trip down memory lane while also helping youngsters build some sensational summer memories of their own.

Boredom-Busting Activities


Forget running through sprinklers and blowing bubbles, Buzzfeed has compiled a list of some of the coolest activities for kids to round out their summer break with a bang. From popcorn Olympics to balloon rockets, these ideas are the kind youíll want to take credit for. Even better, each activity comes with a photo ó so parents and grandparents can more easily visualize each creation or activity. Buzzfeedís boredom-busting list canít be beat.

Cooking with Kids


Who says you canít have fun with your kids or grandkids in the kitchen? Head on over to this website for a long list of fun recipes to make with little loved ones this summer. You canít top strawberry ice cream or cookie popcorn for sweet summer treats! But, even more importantly, cooking together is a great bonding opportunity that will leave children with special summer memories before heading back to school.

Enjoying the Great Outdoors


Ah, summer. Itís when fireflies flutter, flowers unfurl and toasty temperatures donít stop us from venturing outside with loved ones. Here, youíll find 15 summer activities to help youngsters appreciate nature. Whether itís making a bird feeder or decorating a tree, these activities will get children off the couch and outside to enjoy the great outdoors.

DIY Craft Projects


Here, youíll find warm-weather DIY craft projects that will keep youngsters entertained for hours. Kids will love making pool-noodle ponies, butterfly beach buckets, pet rocks or glow-in-the-dark jellyfish. Many of these crafts can be made with common household items.


For even more sensational summer craft ideas to keep the whines away, check out these fun and easy summer crafts ó 50 of them, to be exact. There are ideas for everything from miniature-marshmallow guns to balloon bongo drums.

Beating Boredom with Books


Another way to keep children occupied is to get engaged in reading. Here, youíll find a thorough list of summer-reading selections. The lists of recommended childrenís books and young-adultsí books are organized by grade levels or age. Thereís a nice mix of fiction and non-fiction, as well as both classics and recently published books. 

Movie Time!


After youngsters have spent the day free from the influence of television or video games, itís time to gather together on the sofa and enjoy a good movie. If youíre unsure about whether a certain movie is appropriate for children, Kids-in-Mind should be your go-to website. Here, you simply type in the movie in question and then check out its detailed ratings. They break it down into three categories: sex and nudity, violence and gore, and profanity. By doing a little pre-planning, you never have to worry that your children or grandchildren will be exposed to inappropriate content. This helpful website makes summer movie-watching a little safer and gives parents and grandparents peace of mind.


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