Say Cheese!

Great Big Playground
"I took this photo of my younger cousin, Morgan, while she was playing at my aunt and uncle's farm in Potts Creek, Alleghany County, VA.," writes Ashley McCaleb of Radford.

You Stumped?
"I have to get a lot of trees taken down that are not too healthy. This is a picture of what I did with one stump that I didn't get removed," writes a reader from Spotsylvania. 

That's My Toy
This cat, Sam, says, "Paws off!" when it comes to his SpongeBob SquarePants toy. Picture sent in by Clifton Elam of Keysville.

I'm Bored
 "This is a photo of my granddaughter, Faith Monroe, playing ball, and she is definitely not in the game at the moment!" writes Judy Honeycutt of Crewe.

A "Bambie" Spotting

"This is 'Bambie' and Fiona, our 3 year-old rescued kitty, in our yard in Centreville. Even though the deer eat everything in our yard, we love to watch them," writes Chuck and Michele Triplett of Fairfax.

Fair Warning 
"The porto johns at South Hill, Virginia's Spring Fest every May, are a lot more friendly than the sign indicates," writes Frank Malone of South Hill. 

Pucker Up Kissin' Cousins 
Joseph Mallory and his "cousin" Cashew Street pucker up for a wet doggy kiss. Photo sent in by Rick Mallory of Moneta.

A Man in the Making
Nathan Wheeler may be just 17 months old, but he already understands the power of the TV remote. Sent in by Jenna Wheeler of Columbia.

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