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Online Energy-Conservation Tips


by Laura Emery, Field Editor

More than any other form of energy, electricity has a huge impact on our daily lives. Because electricity is a luxury our society has come to rely on, many of us take it for granted. We don’t stop and think about where it comes from, how it works, or why it should be conserved. 

If you want to be environmentally responsible while saving money on your electric bill, here are some very informative Web sites worth checking out.


Earth 911

The message from this Web site is that we have an important role to play right now — not tomorrow, but right now. Its home page reads, “Energy conservation and efficiency go a long way preserving our planet’s rich natural resources and promoting a healthy environment.” On this Web site, you will find simple things that consumers, businesses, and children and teachers can do to help reduce energy consumption. With everyone pitching in, we can all

reduce demand, cut energy costs, and protect our precious natural resources.


Energy-Conservation News & Resources

This Web page contains a list of useful links to other Web sites that contain energy-conservation news and resources.


Energy Quest

Energy Quest is an energy-education Web site of the California Energy Commission, and is very kid-friendly. Electricity conservation is explained in a way that any child can understand. There are also a number of electricity-focused games for young children to play on this Web site.


The U.S. Department of Energy

The Department of Energy’s overarching mission is to advance the national, economic, and energy security of the United States ; to promote scientific and technological innovation in support of that mission; and to ensure the environmental cleanup of the national nuclear weapons complex.


The Alliance To Save Energy

The Alliance to Save Energy promotes energy efficiency worldwide to achieve a healthier economy, a cleaner environment, and greater energy security.


Energy Savers is a U.S. government Web site where you can find information to help save energy in your home, business, vehicle, or industrial plant. The links on Energy Savers take you directly to resources available across federal agencies for homeowners, contractors and builders, building managers, realtors, state agencies, drivers and fleet managers, and industry managers. also provides information on the Partnerships for Home Energy Efficiency (PHEE). This joint effort of the U.S. Department of Energy, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is a federal agency collaboration to help improve the energy efficiency in your housing choices.


Online Energy Audit Tool

A web-based, do-it-yourself energy audit tool.


Your Local Electric Cooperative’s Web Site

Other great resources for information on energy conservation are electric cooperative Web sites. Check out the following cooperative Web pages that contain information on how to conserve energy:





Is there a Web site that you can’t live without, or one that you find particularly useful? We want to know what your favorite Web site is and why you like it so much.


We would like to devote an entire CAUGHT IN THE WEB column to our readers’ choices for favorite Web sites in the following categories: Web Site That Makes Life Easier, Favorite Web Site To Shop From, Favorite Educational Web Site, Best Web Site For Kids, Most Unique Web Site, and Small Web Site That Makes A Big Impression.


Send us the Web site address, a description of the site and an explanation as to why it appeals to you, your name, mailing address, and telephone number. Submit this info via

 or mail your information to: Cooperative Living magazine, My Favorite Web Site Contest, P.O. Box 2340, Glen Allen, VA 23058-2340.


If your Web site is chosen, your name and hometown  will be printed in an upcoming issue of Cooperative Living’s CAUGHT IN THE WEB column. 



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