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The Hotel Experience at Home

The hospitality industry's trademark tips.

by Laura Emery, Field Editor


Simplicity, serenity and sumptuousness reign supreme in upscale hotel rooms. Within the cozy confines of a five-star resort hotel, memorable mattresses, plush pillows, luxurious linens and designer amenities abound.

The goal is to make guests forgetful of missing home. Hotels and resorts are in the business of making travelers feel impressed, relaxed, comfortable and pampered, which is why they continuously upgrade amenities and perfect the five-star experience right down to the smallest details. Clean linens, rolled towels, top-of-the-line shower heads, neutral and elegant color palettes, cozy carpeting, gorgeous bathroom vanities, subdued lighting and quality electronics have all become signs of luxury at the best-of-the-best hotels.

So it comes as no surprise that more and more people are seeking to bring the uber-posh five-star hotel experience home. The internet is teeming with websites aimed at helping you do just that. Here, you’ll find a compilation of websites featuring some of the hospitality industry’s trademark tips.

Imitation is the highest form of flattery









Five-star hotel linens are usually of the highest quality, turning sleep into a superior experience. For those guests who yearn to primp their home with the same chic style as their favorite hotel or resort, many chains have made their products available for purchase by the general public. You can purchase the same toiletries, sheets, pillows and mattresses that are offered at your favorite luxury hotel or resort.

Fold to Impress


www.youtube.com (search “how to fold bath towels”)


Upscale hotels leave guests feeling pampered and impressed by folding towels and washcloths in ways that are memorable and decorative. These extra touches are easy to bring into your own home and can make a lasting impression on visiting family and friends — whether it’s an elegant fold or a fun animal-shaped fold. For a number of great towel-folding resources, check out the links above.

 Flawless Bed-Making


Very rarely do you find sloppy bed-making in a luxury hotel or resort. The beds are usually crisp, clean and sheets are pulled tightly to pristine and polished perfection. There are no wrinkles in sight. Because the bed is so impressive, guests tend to forget that many other people have slept in the very same bed.

This website will tell you how to bring bed-making perfection to your bedroom at home.

 Plate your food like a pro


Nothing says fine dining like having a plate of food that looks more like a culinary work of art than something to be devoured and digested. If you’re enjoying the fine dining of a high-end resort, the dining staff endeavors to tantalize more than your taste buds. They aim to appeal to your visual sensibilities as well.

Artistic food styling and plating is a distinctive design discipline that can make culinary masterpieces look even better than they taste. To learn some tips on how to achieve these dazzling presentation skills with your own food, the above website is the place to go. This site will show you how to add pizzazz to your plate.

Formal Table Setting


If anyone knows how to set a table, it’s Martha Stewart. To further enhance the luxury dining experience, check out her website on the appropriate way to set a formal dining table.

Nothing says luxury like napkin art



When guests order room service at a high-end hotel, the first thing they usually see sitting on top of, or just beside the stainless-steel warming plate is a beautifully folded napkin. Luxury hotels know that it is an easy way to add style and class to your in-room dining experience, and it’s these little touches that make hotel guests come back for more.

At both of the websites above, you will find photographs of a variety of ways to creatively fold linen napkins. Simply click on the image for step-by-step instructions on how to bring napkin splendor to your dinner table.

That makes scents!


Posh hotels and resorts everywhere understand the subliminal power of scent. It brings people back to a place. “Some of the world’s finest hotels are perfumed with fragrances that are as integral to their brand as the choice of toiletries stocked in their baths,” explains Christina Valhouli, author of this article on how to bring a hotel’s signature scent home. If you’re a fan of five-star fragrance, checking out this article would make perfect “scents.”



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