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Look Online to Avoid Seasonal Sickness
Click the internet links below for tips on valuable health information before you get sick.

by Laura Emery, Field Editor


It’s January, and it’s the most wonderful time of the year for colds, stomach bugs and viruses aplenty. Flu season occurs each year between October and May in the United States, and typically peaks during the months of January and February when the weather outside is frightful and not so delightful.

It is during cold months that people spend more time indoors and in closer contact with other people — the perfect scenario for the transmission of illnesses from one person to another in smaller spaces.

While invaluable, the internet will never be a replacement for seeing your doctor. It can, however, provide a wealth of health information to help you make better decisions to avoid the winter woes of seasonal sickness. And if you do get sick, knowing where to click can help you better manage your healthcare by being aware of what illness you might have, learning to manage symptoms from home and knowing when to actually see a doctor.

Here are some great go-to websites to consider before and after the sniffles and sneezes come on.


Whether it’s determining the difference between a cold and the flu or discovering tips on how to combat cough, WebMD is a great resource. WebMD provides valuable health information, tools for managing your health, and support to those who seek information. WebMD.com is continuously reviewed for accuracy and timeliness.


The Mayo Clinic goal: to inspire hope and contribute to health and well-being by providing the best care to every patient through integrated clinical practice, education and research. It also offers a nifty “Symptom Checker” tool and “First-Aid Guide” for fast answers to questions about all types of health conditions, along with medical blogs, expert answers, videos and links to additional resources.


During flu season, protecting yourself from viruses is a top priority. And healthline.com, among other things, can help you do just that. Whether you’re checking the website to learn more about a health condition, research a medication, tap into one of the online communities, or get some tips for a healthier lifestyle, you’re in the right place. You’ll find content that’s informative, easy to understand and engaging.


MedlinePlus is the National Institutes of Health’s website for patients and their families and friends. The website contains information about diseases, conditions, and wellness issues in easy-to-understand language. Click here to learn about the latest treatments, look up information on a drug or supplement, or view medical videos and illustrations. For reliable, up-to-date health information, this is the place to go.


WrongDiagnosis.com is one of the world’s leading providers of online medical health information. The site is an independent, objective source of factual, mainstream health information for both consumers and health professionals.


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