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Online Gardening Websites That Get the Green Thumbs Up


by Laura Emery, Field Editor


When spring comes to mind, we often think of dazzling blossoms and sweet fragrances that delight the senses.

Weíve waited months to break free from winterís doldrums and be drawn outdoors to twirl in the green grass; to get the seasonís fresh soil on our fingertips as we begin work in our gardens. Through seed and soil, we bring landscapes to life to savor the spring and summer seasons. 

If you have a penchant for plants or fancy flowers, the Internet can be a great resource for gardeners at every stage of experience.

Organic gardening was once seen as something practiced only by health nuts and hippies, but that is no longer the case. Nowadays, everyone wants the food we serve to our families to be safe and healthy. At, you can find useful information on everything from the top 10 ways to conserve water to seven ways to plant organic potatoes.

The National Gardening Association website features sections on home gardening, gardening for kids, garden-smart TV, and gardening in the news. For gardening articles and resources, this is a great information destination.

There is no better way to usher in spring with your young ones than to get to work on a garden. Itís a timeless task for all generations and teaches children responsibility and hard work, while still being fun and engaging. is filled with practical and innovative ideas and resources for engaging young learners in the garden. It includes sections on school gardening and family gardening. offers a wealth of gardening information and resources, including articles by top garden writers, seasonal tips and advice, guide sheets on hundreds of plants, and much more.

The GardenWeb forums comprise the largest community of gardeners on the Internet. Covering a multitude of different plants, regions and topics, the forums allow you to tap the collective wisdom of the thousands of other users who visit GardenWeb each day. You can post queries on plant care, how to deal with a landscaping problem or perhaps initiate a discussion on your favorite subject. You can also visit GardenWebís HortiPlex Plant Database where youíll find plant images and data as well as links to information sources, images and vendors at other sites. has a wonderful and thorough section on gardening for beginners and experienced gardeners, including gardening tips, techniques and information for the home gardener on growing annual and perennial flowers, vegetables, fruits, trees and shrubs.

Who better to write a gardening blog than a former Martha Stewart garden

editor? Margaret Roach is the woman behind The blog (which is A Way to Garden, not Away) is named for a book she penned early in her 25-year gardening career. Her blog is more than just going on and on about gardening exploits; itís an educational, well-written resource. Root through her blog and you will find recipes and cooking tips, information on edible plants and ornamental plants, how-to-garden facts, gorgeous photos, resource links, and even slideshows.


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