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Beyond the Music & Mistletoe


Thereís no escaping the holiday season, always electric with energy. And as our world picks up its pace and puts on a smile during this magical time, so does the plethora of holiday websites popping up all over the Internet.

Around Christmastime, you see the same things everywhere. Magazine articles, store-window displays, television shows and commercials, and websites all begin to feature those things that capture the essence of the holiday season. Christmas recipes, tree and home decorations, gift ideas, meal-planning tips, Christmas music and games. Everything becomes red and green, gold and silver.

But thereís more to the holiday season than what gets most focused on. The following compilation of websites goes beyond the music and mistletoe, each one having something unique to contribute to your holiday experience.

íTis the Season to Fold Napkins

Nothing adds personality and elegance to a table like elegantly folded linens gracing your favorite holiday ďtablescape.Ē When it comes time to plan your holiday meal, you can have all the delectable dishes one could possibly imagine but you enrich the dining experience even more by having elegantly folded linens inserted into wine glasses, standing alone on plates, or set to the side of plates holding silverware. This website will walk new napkin-folders through the process, and features a variety of napkin designs.

Bows, Bells, and Ö Budgets?,

Take it from Santa. It is time to make that holiday budget and check it twice. Otherwise, you may wind up with some post-holiday bills that are naughty, and not so nice. For those of you who dread opening the mail after the holidays, due to the abundance of bills you know you have accumulated ó you are not alone. To help keep your holiday bills in check consider implementing holiday- budgeting techniques and strategies.

Capturing Memories Forever

As you flip through the stack of Christmas pictures, you notice half a face here and an out-of-focus shot there, closed eyes in one and motion blur in another. Ever wonder what it takes to get that perfect picture the one thatís worth a million words, the one you can proudly send off to the relatives, the one picture that sums up your entire holiday? Check out Kodak.comís guide to better pictures for information on how to take the best pictures this holiday. At this website, you can look up a quick photo tip, follow the steps for emailing a picture, or explore black-and-white photography. 

Gift-Wrapping Tips and Tricks

Gift-wrapping can be an enjoyable task. For others, it simply involves crumpling paper around an object and using tape to create the Fort Knox of all Christmas presents, slapping on a bow and tossing it under the Christmas tree. This website will show you how to wrap your gifts professionally.

A Canine Christmas

Donít find yourself enjoying your holiday with your family, only to look down and see your beloved pet giving you his or her most heart-tugging puppy dog eyes, the look that could melt even the coldest heart. There are websites that focus on Christmas gift ideas for children of every age, but what about those special canine companions? They donít necessarily have to settle for a cold bone on Christmas morning, because this blog offers plenty of great ideas for making sure your pets have a special Christmas, too.

What About Breakfast? Breakfast-Casserole/Main.aspx\

There are a million and one websites in cyberspace focusing on holiday dinner recipes, complete with palate-pleasing desserts to top off the perfect holiday feast. But what about the much-overlooked morning meal? Dietitians and fitness professionals say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so be sure to check out this website for some great holiday breakfast ideas.



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