Caught in the Web

Get Online With Us


by Laura Emery, Field Editor


You’ve got a little problem. You’re in the market and purchase strawberries at a bargain price. You recall seeing an assortment of strawberry recipes, reader-tested and

-recommended, in Coopera­tive Living magazine.

The problem is that you’ve misplaced the past few issues of the magazine and don’t remember which month the recipes were in. As the plump strawberries sit invitingly on the counter, you ransack your magazine rack, shuffle through the material in a kitchen drawer; all the while, visions of strawberries begin to dance in your head.

The solution to your problem: With a few sweeps and clicks of the mouse, you can browse our archives, which include archived special sections of the magazine — like Reader Recipes and Down Home. Within minutes, you retrieve the recipes you were looking for. Mission accomplished.

Our mission: To inform you about your cooperative and its efforts to serve your energy needs; about how to use electricity safely and efficiently; and about the people who define and enhance the quality of life in communities served by electric cooperatives. Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to venture out into the World Wide Web and go where you may never have gone before, Cooperative Living Online at To accomplish this mission, you will need to be equipped with a computer, connection to the Internet, and a few minutes to spare.

Even if you have browsed the magazine’s website in the past, chances are, you haven’t seen our newest design and content changes, made with your needs in mind. These changes will make retrieving articles from our archives or learning more about electric cooperatives more convenient, as the website is a 24-hour, 7-days-a-week source of interesting and informative reading enjoyment.

Cooperative Living Online is also a community resource — a place where you can go to find a variety of links to various community resources in your local area. We’ve compiled links to your chamber of commerce, your local tourism bureau, county libraries and schools, business information, government offices, and much more under the Community Resources section of the website. You can browse your Community links together in one place, as opposed to using a search engine over and over again to retrieve the same links. And the time you save utilizing the new website, you can spend doing something you enjoy. Everyone wants to save time here and there. And Cooperative Living Online will help you do it.

Among the most convenient features of Cooperative Living Online is the ability to contact us via email with all your comments, questions, and concerns. We always enjoy hearing from our readers, whether it’s through regular postal mail, or via email. We want to know which columns and articles you enjoy reading the most, or which ones you enjoy reading the least. And — who knows? — you might just see your comments printed in the Mailbag section of the magazine in the next issue.

Another important feature is searching our archives for past material in the magazine that may have caught your eye. We offer you the capability to search by the front cover image or by the month and date of the issue in question. It is important to note, however, that we do not archive all of the articles you will find in your print publication. We choose the most popular columns to feature online. The articles and/or columns that are always featured online are the cover story, Say Cheese, Reader Recipes, Rural Living, Editorial, Caught in the Web, Down Home, and Dining with Dan.

There’s a little something for everyone on Coopera­tive Living Online. We feature a wonderful section titled Just For Kids, where children will find colorful pages filled with links to games, educational quizzes, activities, and more. This is a fun and educational way for your child to learn more about electricity.

Another benefit to getting online with us is the ability to quickly and easily enter contests featured in the magazine. You can take a guess at the Whatzit? or History Mystery contests, submit your answers to the Kids’ Korner, or enter to win prizes and getaways in advertising contests.

Under our Co-op Education section, visitors can find an assortment of information about the cooperative way of doing business, facts about the many different types of cooperatives around the country, and about the electric utility industry. With easy-to-scan content and attractive graphics, this section is a useful source of information for anyone who wants to know what their local cooperative is all about.

With an idea of what you will find at Cooperative Living Online, we encourage you to take the time to visit the website and share your comments, questions, or suggestions with us at And, while you’re at it, check out our Facebook page at -— and be sure to “like” us.


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