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by Laura Emery, Field Editor


Not everyone is blessed with the ability to juggle household tasks and a busy life while moving through a room creating, not chaos and clutter, but order and beauty. For many, organization skills do not come easy. Those who aren’t blessed with the gift of organization are left wondering how people are able to maintain a clean and organized home, watch children, work at a job, enjoy leisure activities, and remain sane.


Organization can mean different things to different people. To some, the idea of an organized home means that there isn’t anything on the floor to trip over. To others, organization means there is a place for every single thing, and everything is in its designated place.


It can be a constant challenge to maintain a clean, organized environment — and even after clutter is conquered, there are spouses and children’s personal habits to contend with.

Organization may be the bane of some people’s existence, but the rewards are more than worth the effort. More organization and less clutter will lead to a less stressful and more focused lifestyle.


There’s no time like the present to bring space and serenity to the home or office. Messy rooms, disorganized closets, and jumbled junk drawers add unneeded hassle to already hectic days. Learn how to reduce the stress associated with disorganization and make long-term changes in organizational habits. Before hitting the local bookstore, check out the very informative selection of websites that are available with the click of a mouse.


Online Organizing.Com (


The goal of is to help visitors reduce stress associated with disorganization, manage schedules and environments, learn how to apply basic organization principles in their homes, and make long-term changes in organizational habits.


Fly Lady (

Sign on for free to Fly Lady for daily emails suggesting easy five-to-15-minute projects, ranging from chucking mateless socks to cleaning out your handbag to throwing away owner’s manuals for appliances you no longer own. Fly Lady maintains that you should never go to bed without seeing the bottom of your kitchen sink. The philosophy here is that organization is most easily achieved not through earthshaking changes, but through a series of baby steps.


HGTV.Com (


This website contains articles with great organizing tips, strategies for closets and storage, household management, moving, and solutions to make your busy life easier. There is also a thorough section on how to get your kids organized and maintain some semblance of order in their playrooms and bedrooms.


Real Simple (


Here you can find pantry checklists to help you stock staples that keep the pizza-delivery boy at bay. There’s even a section on new uses for old things, where you learn how aluminum foil can help you iron, scrub, bake, paint, get a better TV signal, and more. With sections on clutter-busting strategies and time-saving techniques, this is a one-stop source for everything organizational.


Clean Sweep (


This is the website for TLC’s popular television show, “Clean Sweep.” Episode after episode (with titles like “Lord and Lady Mess Alot” and “Living Room of Lost Toys”), the Clean Sweep crew completely transforms the chaotic and clutter-filled homes of those who sign up for the show. The show’s website is filled with the handy tips and tricks used and recommended by the experts on the show. You, too, can make a clean sweep!


Living A Better Life (


This site is dedicated to helping families get organized to save their time, money and sanity.


LifeOrganizers.Com (


This site is a rich resource on how to get rid of clutter from every part of your life — from the garage to your file cabinet to spiritual matters.


Organize.Com (


Need some inspiration to get started? This online shopping site sells everything from storage baskets to shower caddies to shelving units.


Better Homes & Gardens (


The Better Homes & Gardens website has a multitude of articles and helpful tips and tricks on how to keep your home clean, organized, clutter-free, and in tip-top condition.


Sort It (


Here you will find very detailed tips and instructions on organizing your home presented by room and project. Print out the room you want to work on and go to it!


TheCleanTeam.Com (

Here are “The 13 Rules” for getting control of household clutter. Click on each for a detailed explanation and tips.


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