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Raising a Powerful Voice

Developing climate-change policy will alter the way we think about electricity, plain and simple. Electric co-ops are working to make sure these new policies are fair to everyone, while minimizing the impact on your electric bill. And we’re already making investments in energy efficiency and renewable, “clean and green” generation as a part of these efforts.

Across the nation, co-ops are developing innovative ways to generate electricity from renewable sources, and developing technology to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from traditional fossil fuels like coal and natural gas.

And renewable sources of power, which account for 11 percent of all co-op electricity, are as unique and varied as the co-ops using them. In the Southeast, biomass generation — using everything from peanut shells to chicken waste to make electricity — shows great potential. The Northwest remains awash in hydro and wave power; the Midwest boasts lots of wind; and the Southwest sees so few cloudy days that solar power becomes an easy sell.

Of course, the cheapest and cleanest power remains the power that’s never generated. As a result, energy-efficiency education remains at the forefront of electric cooperative efforts to help consumers control costs. The vast majority of all electric co-ops, a full 92 percent, sponsor energy- efficiency education programs, and 77 percent offer residential energy audits to their members.

 Electric co-ops are hard at work keeping electricity reliable, safe, and affordable — and we can produce it cleaner, too. But we need Congress to make sure electric bills stay affordable. You can help out in this effort by asking your U.S. representative and senators to work with

co-ops on affordability concerns as they hash out climate-change legislation. Please join the conversation today by visiting



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