Safety Sense

Electrical Safety and the Family Pet



Your family pet can turn just about anything it finds into a play or chew toy. Let’s make sure your pets don’t add electrical devices to their toy chest.

A frisky dog or curious cat can cause an electrical hazard or fire in ways you may not have thought about. Safe Electricity offers this safety checklist:


• Keep electrical cords away from puppies and kittens so they don’t chew on them and receive a severe shock. If you have difficulty getting your pet to stop chewing on the cord, you can paint it with a bitter-tasting polish or wrap the cord in a thick plastic sleeve.


• Make sure nightlights and appliances are completely plugged into wall outlets. Partially exposed prongs are a hazard for curious children and animals.


• Keep halogen lamps away from play areas for pets and children. Some halogen bulbs can reach very high temperatures, and if knocked over during play, could easily start a fire.


• Keep appliances near sinks and bathtubs a safe distance away from the water source. Playful pets can knock radios, curling irons and other items into the water, creating a dangerous situation.


• Discourage animals from curling up behind warm computer equipment. Pets should be kept away from all electrical connections.

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