Caught in the Web

Shape Up For Summer

by Laura Emery, Field Editor

All of a sudden, skin is in — or, rather, out. After months of wintry weather, the long sweaters and heavy coats are tucked away and out come the shorts, sandals, sarongs and swimsuits. The world begins to embrace the unveiling of skin after months of being covered and concealed.

And spring is the perfect time to start working on tightening and toning a phy­sique you’ll be proud to unveil come summertime.

If you have access to the Internet, then you have a membership to the “World Wide gym,” where you can access a wide assortment of dieting secrets, fitness tips and workout routines, and read in­for­mative articles on everything from conquering crunches to cutting carbohydrates.

Following is a compilation of must-visit Web sites to get you started on putting together your own personal World Wide Web workout.

The First In Fitness

About.Com’s Workout Central has it all. Visit for everything from the 10-minute vacation workout to the pyramid upper-body workout. The information is divided into such categories as strength training, circuit training, abs, cardio workouts, weight loss, nutrition, fitness tools, careers in fitness, and fitness gear. is a hugely popular Web site that focuses on fitness and dieting. One of its greatest services is the e-mail newsletter, where you can sign up to get a daily dose of fitness and diet techniques and tips, as well as entertaining articles and columns.

MSNBC’s Exercise page ( is a great resource for articles and fitness-related news. Find out about new advance­ments and studies in the area of fitness and health before you hit the gym or start a new workout or diet routine.

Yearning for Yoga

More and more athletes and average exercisers are turning to yoga, the ancient meditative technique of twists, stretches and poses, in order to slim their shapes and relax their minds, bodies, and souls.

The Yoga Journal, on the Web at, is dedicated to the qualities that yoga exemplifies, including peace, integrity, clarity and compassion. You can sign up for a free weekly newsletter, try the featured pose, correspond with yoga experts, find yoga poses, and learn yoga basics.

Another highly rated yoga Web site is The Yoga Site ( This general guide outlines the various forms of yoga, helps users find a yoga teacher, and offers yoga books for sale.

At Yoga Central (, you can learn the basic techniques for correct breathing, chanting, stretching and relaxing.

A Guy Thing

JP Fitness ( is a great Web site for men who are determined to beef up their biceps and achieve a fit summer body through intense weight training.  

Men’s Health ( is an all-around great resource for men of all ages, but it’s also a good place to go for men’s fitness information. Site features include a sports injury index and a “Fitness Tools & Quizzes” section with self-tests to gauge your fitness level.

Mostly For the Ladies

Shape magazine ( is a great place for step-by-step exercise instructions. Get weight-loss advice, beauty secrets and exercise tips from this health and fitness magazine.

WeightWatchers.Com has informative articles, and you can also choose from a large selection of toning and strength-building routines designed for both women and men.


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