Caught in the Web

The Online Kid Connection

by Laura Emery, Field Editor

Check out these fun and educational Web sites that cater specifically to kids ...

Featured Creatures

The Web is filled with things that chirp, croak, hiss and howl. Let your kids visit the dens and hollow logs of the Internet, where they will find some amazing creatures. At the International Wolf Center (, they can run with the pack. Dig down to Worm World (, one of the yuckiest sites on the Internet!

Or steer them to National Geographic For Kids ( to have fun learning about everything from weather to the worlds biggest cat.

Icky & Sticky

Its time to get slimed! Slither out to and join Wendell the Worm and his human sidekick Dora as they explore the living sciences through cockroaches, earthworms and the mysterious human body. From sneezing and snoring to bug bites, this site covers everything that's sure to appeal to every kid. The site has plenty of sounds, videos and games to keep them scurrying about, and they can send gross e-cards to their friends online, or hang out with Ralph the Roach at Bug World.

Bonkers Over Bugs

If your kids are bonkers over bugs, they should crawl on over to Gordon's Entomological Home Page, on the Web at They will find an online collection of all kinds of bugs, from bees and beetles to millipedes and mites. For some really buggy fun, visit the Insect Asides, where you will find unbelievable bits of bug trivia as well as insect recipes! Have a question that's been bugging you about a creepy, crawly creature? Here, you can ask an expert anything bug-related. For those potential ant farmers out there, Gordon has provided a page on caring for the most easily cared-for pets around bugs! They are cheap to feed, easy to clean up after and they never bark! Of course, links to other bug-friendly sites abound, and there is even a Bug Club. So if you're batty about bugs, Gordon's bug pages are a must-see site on your next WWW journey.

Cooperative Living Just For Kids

Check out Cooperative Living Online ( for an assortment of educational games and activities, as well as links to other kid Web sites. Play hangman using electricity terms, grow your own crystals, play the guessing game, and more.

Catering To Christian Kids

CBH Ministries at is a Christian Web site for kids sponsored by CBH Ministries, formerly Children's Bible Hour. CBH Ministries is a media ministry targeting kids ages 8 to 14 with Bible-based materials. There are also radio programs, print materials, and other Web-based media.

Making Math Cool

Tired of your kids looking at the wrong things online? Have them visit Coolmath For Kids (, a great educational Web site. This Web site caters to kids ages 13 and older and features an amusement park of math games and brain benders sure to keep any kid busy for hours. Or visit another cool site, Math Cats ( This Web site emphasizes the logic and beauty of math, rather than drills and practice, and provides open-ended and playful explorations of important math concepts through on-line games, off-line crafts and interactive projects. This site requires a free MicroWorld's download.

Exactly what are Zeeks?

Zeeks ( is a premier online brand for kids that has become a favorite of Internet-savvy families. Zeeks makes it easy for kids to have fun, explore the Internet, and work on school reports, crafts, lessons, and projects, all from one site. Parents and teachers benefit from the safe, reliable online environment that Zeeks provides for children. Zeeks has won numerous awards, including: Webbieworld Hot Pick, USA Today Hot Site, PC World Editors Choice, and New Media Invision Gold Award. Its design is colorful and kid-friendly.


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