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Missing A Green Thumb?

by Laura Emery, Field Editor


Not everyone is born with a “green thumb” – the innate ability to garden and make all things green grow gloriously.

For those who have not yet discovered the beauty of gardening, starting from scratch can be a confusing and frustrating experience.

What’s the difference between annual and perennial plants? Is it possible to “go green” in your garden? What should you plant, what can you plant, and when should you plant?

From bracts, biennials, and buds to germinating, girdling, and grafting – getting started in gardening can quickly become overwhelming.

So, if you’re missing your green thumb, do not fear — for the World Wide Web is here.

Digging up The Basics

You can enjoy gardening success your very first year with the expert tips and tricks provided on’s gardening section. With a huge variety of gardening articles, this Web site will help guide you through common gardening tasks with ease – while also providing shopping tips, advice from experienced gardeners, and other valuable information. This isn’t just a valuable resource for beginning gardeners; there’s something for every level of expertise on this Web site. You can learn more about getting to know your landscape, common plant name misconceptions, hydroponics and other soil-less gardening, raiding rodents, gardening with kids, and more.

The Garden Helper

This is where you learn the basics; the most common terms and expressions used in the gardening world are covered in the Gardening Encyclopedia & Glossary. This Web site also covers the basics of starting and caring for your first garden, from the first turn of the soil to the first harvest of your flowers or food. If you are a novice gardener, start your visit here for step-by-step instructions for creating and nurturing a beautiful garden or for dealing with pests and problems in the garden.

Organic Gardening

This Web site is exclusively about organic gardening. Organic gardening, for those who might not know, is gardening that does not involve the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. This Web site covers such topics as composting, building healthy soil, controlling insects without pesticides, and controlling weeds the organic way. This Web site also covers other ways that first-time gardeners, and expert gardeners alike, can make earth-friendly choices while gardening.

Hydroponics:Soil-Less Gardening

This Web site covers all things hydroponic — the art of gardening without soil. The concept of hydroponics has been around for thousands of years. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon and The Floating Gardens of China are two of the earliest examples of hydroponics. Scientists started experimenting with soil-less gardening around 1950. Since then other countries, such as Holland , Germany , and Australia , have used hydroponics for crop production with amazing results. This Web site not only reviews the history of this interesting gardening concept, but also covers the basics of building your own system, growing media, various techniques that can be used, the benefits of hydroponics, and more.

The Tasteful Gardener:Vegetable Gardening

For gardeners who want to enjoy the vegetables of their labor, this is a great Web site to visit. Here, you can read articles on topics such as starting a vegetable garden, a beginner’s lesson in Xeriscaping, understanding seasonal vegetables, and other subjects. There are more than 50 valuable topics covered on this informative Web site.

Herb Gardening For Everyone

If you enjoy cooking and have always wanted to grow your own herb garden filled with aromatic parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme – this is the perfect Web site for you. There are few things better tasting than foods seasoned with herbs grown in your own backyard. Herbs are great for beginners because they require very little soil and fertilization maintenance. Also, pests and diseases are not usually problems for herbs. This Web site will show you how to plant herbs in a container, a garden or into landscape fabric.

At, you'll find a wealth of information on how to grow fresh kitchen and medicinal herbs in your backyard, on your balcony, deck or patio, even indoors.

Plant Exchanges

The GardenWeb Forums comprise the largest community of gardeners on the Internet. Whether you're a new gardener or an old master, here you will find like-minded people and friendly discussions. You will also find a number of seed- and plant-exchange forums. This is a place where users can offer seeds for trade and make requests for seeds they are seeking. This is not a forum for selling items; it’s about sharing your seeds and plants with others.


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