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The Internet is a World Wide Web of information for the angling enthusiast


by Laura Emery, Field Editor


There’s just something people love about fishing -— something that transcends time and goes deeper than the natural human instinct to hunt and gather food. 


It’s the feel of the rod in hand, the sound of insects singing in the brush, and the sight of the sun dancing on the water. It’s the anticipation and excitement of what discoveries lay beneath the water, and what curious creature will nip on the bait at the end of the line — the thrill of the catch.


In a society where everyday life is more hurried and complicated than ever before, it’s no wonder so many people enjoy fishing. For many, it’s a way to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and connect with nature. According to, 16 percent of the U.S. population 16 years old and older (34 million anglers) spend an average of 16 days fishing each year. Freshwater fishing is the most popular type of fishing, with over 28 million anglers devoting nearly 467 million angler-days to the sport.


But fishing isn’t a new pastime. In ancient times, humans fished with pieces of bone used as hooks and lengths of vine used as line. The oldest-known painting of an angler using a rod or staff comes from Egypt and dates to about 2000 B.C. Greek philosophers Plato and Aristotle repeatedly mention angling in their writings, and Greek writer Plutarch wrote of a fishing match between Antony and Cleopatra. In the second and third centuries A.D., Roman rhetorician Claudius Aelian wrote about Macedonian trout anglers using artificial flies as lures.


Though the implements and methods used have evolved throughout centuries, the basic sport of fishing transcends time.


Leading the World to Water prides itself on “leading the world to the water” or, more appropriately, to the World Wide Web. This Web site acts as a connection between the fisher and the many fishing-related Web sites on the Internet. From this site, you can link to information on everything from fishing accessories to fishing vacations. Let this Web site be your online guide for all things having to do with fishing. Search the site and find Web sites specifically oriented to your fishing needs.


Fishing for Kids

At Fishing for Kids, the mission is to invest in young people and enrich the community as a whole. “By providing kids the opportunity to learn and grow in an exciting new environment, we will be ensuring their future. Outdoor adventures teach values and create memories that leave a lasting imprint on a young person’s mind. At Fishing for Kids, our trained staff leads in an array of hands-on outdoor activities that helps to develop character, build strong leadership skills, and empower young people to recognize their full potential,” the site reads.


Virtual Fishing Hole

At, it’s a virtual fishing hole — a resource for locating local fishing spots around the country and in Virginia. In the Fishing section you will find great freshwater and saltwater fishing information, including details of where to fish and directions to good fishing spots. The site features fishing “hot spots” for largemouth and smallmouth bass, striped bass, walleyes, and many other species. 


There is something on this Web site for fishing enthusiasts and anglers of all abilities and experience levels. Each featured fishing trip includes a detailed fishery description, driving directions to the lake, reservoir, river, fishing hole, or ocean shore, and a list of the fish species available and the bait, lures, and tackle needed to bring them in. All of the information on the Web site is produced by well-known outdoor guidebook publishers.


Virginia fly-Fishing claims to be the virtual home to Virginia’s premier fly-fishing community. The site reads, “Virginia is home to some of the best fresh and saltwater fishing spots in Ameri­ca. Come explore fly-fishing opportunities in Virginia and learn from those that fish here every day.” You can view, post or rate fishing reports on local lakes, rivers, streams, and beaches. You can also participate in discussions about local waterways, conservation, guides, shops, and more. Or, view local events relevant to fly-fishing and check out the planning section where you’ll find everything you’ll need to know when planning a fly-fishing trip in Virginia.


For the Love of Fishing

Check out current fishing news, ask a fishing pro a question, access fishing reports, and use the online fish-weight calculators. You can also get instructional-lesson information and help with planning a fishing trip here.


Active Angler

At, you’ll find a number of informative articles, photo galleries, product reviews, and tips and tricks. There is also a trip planner, a section where you can ask an expert a fishing question, and a forum for sharing fish tales and swapping recipes.


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