Say Cheese

Doggie Diva
" This is Chloe all dressed up by grandaughter Tinsley," writes owners Don and Faye Foster of  Parksley.

Feeding Time 
Two-year-old Reid Stanley and his grandfather, Stephen Graves, of Aylett. "My father raises Polled Herefords and this calf was orphaned and Reid and his grandfather fed it and took care of it this summer, writes Catherine Graves Stanley of Aylett. 

Window Watchers
These curious cats, Charlie and Little Girl,  can't help themselves. Sent in by Joyce Trykowsky of Buena Vista..

An Odd Sight
Is it an oddly-shaped  tree, or is it a large duck's head with a top knot of snow? That is the question. Photo sent in by Pat Adams of Newport.

Wrong Size 
Bidy, a miniature Pinscher, is trying on a new pair of shoes, but it doesn't seem to fit.  Photo sent in by Lucas and Matheus Fermino of Manassas.

Cat Supper
Wiggles is "cooking" on his little play stove that Santa brought his owner in the 30s. Photo sent in by Sue Shelor of Salem.

Fast Friends
"Our cat, Stinkey Jingles, is having a conversation with a squirrel on our deck," writes Laurie Priebe of Spotsylvania.  

Puss in Sneakers
"This is the newest addition to our family, Rascal, and he's definitely made himself at home!" writes Isaac Conley and Tonya Foster of Orange. 

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