Say Cheese!

Telling Secrets
"This is my husband, Pappy, and grandson Andrew telling secrets," writes Audrey Mullen of Culpeper.

Doggy In A Basket
Willow enjoys a lazy Saturday afternoon in the laundry basket. Sent by Tim Cotter.

Getting Comfy on Gift
"My girlfriend's dog, Gorgi, decides to take a nap on the present I gave her!"  Picture taken by Edward and Lora Clarke (Tappahannock, VA).

Where Did My Bird Seed Go?
 Photo sent in by Jim Rast of Mineral, Va.

Seeing Double Dalmations

" Look Lucy, we look like two Dalmatians that got away from the mean lady in '101 Dalmatians' movie." writes Judy Harris of Cantreville, adding, "This is Caroline Deck (my little friend from Richmond)"  

Odd Couple 
Biggie and Peppy enjoy some couch time together.  Sent in by Linda.

Backyard Buddies 
"We have tired of trying to squirrel-proof bird feeders and so we got our little friend his own dining table and sunflower seeds. He loves it!" writes Bill and Jackie Balderson.
What's on TV?
What's on TV?
Dylan enjoys sitting against her dog pillow. Sent by Aunt Kay Dennison of Woodbridge.

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