Say Cheese

Cats On Board
B-Cat & Tabasco-Cat aboard the motor-vessel

Fax Nap 
"She promised me she'd fax me right back." Photo sent in by Mary Beach of Hot Springs.

You've Got Tail
Mr. Postman look and see, if there's a letter, a letter for me! "Precious, 13 years old, is waiting for the mailman. She's as mischievous as ever," writes owner Nancy Lewis of Painter.

Cat In A Basket
"Smutt" is a real basket case. Photo sent in by Richard & Jennie Burks of Bracey.

Mouse Catcher 
'"Meena" awaits the rat/mouse to come to the trap, so she can trap him herself,' writes owner Anna Brizendine of Powhatan.

Cat With An IQ
"Dip-Stick" is no dummy. Photo sent in by Jennifer, Tammy, & Brooke Taylor of Cedarview Beach.

Did You Say Tuna Fish?
"Mauzer" is ready to eat. Photo sent in by Barney Kable of Manassas.

Curious Cat
"Where's my chocolate bunny," says "Patches" as she curiously explores an Easter basket of plastic eggs. Photo sent in by Ann Bowyer of Keysville.

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