Say Cheese

Panda Pal
'Everyone has panda fever, including Squeeker,' writes owner Margie Dillingham of Montross.

Catch Of The Day 
'T.T. (Australian Shepherd) says "Why is that big ole rockfish on my work bench?"' writes owner Kenneth Hayes of Locust Grove.

CAT-ching Up With The News
Michelle Tucker and her cat, "Jake," take a moment to read. Photo sent in by Anna Porter of Beaverdam.

Dog Deep In The Dazs
Cairn Terrier, "Tuffy" enjoys her after-dinner treat. "Tuffy is 12 years old and a real character," writes owner Robert MacDowell of Waterford.

Angel Eyes 
"I found her when she was 3 days old and, of course, common sense vanished and now we are the mother and father of two cats---and loving every minute of it!" writes owner Evelyn Raper of Unionville.

Dixie Pickens, the Chihuahua, wants food. Photo sent in by Wayne & Kathy Pickens of Eagle Rock.

Seeing Spots
Dalmation out on the dock at Lake Anna on a windy day. Photo sent in by Kerry Bush of Mineral.

Blonde Beauty
Golden Retriever "Zach" is a prized pet. Sent in by owner Nancy Starkey of Troutville.

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