Say Cheese

Taking Over
"Sugar Bear" certainly gets around. Sent in by Mary Jane & Frank Parrish of  Manassas.

Where's The Beef? 
Parker, the "Big Mac Daddy" eats his fast food on the run. From Nathan & Melissa Wenger of Staunton.

What a Beautiful Day For Breakfast!
"It's breakfast time! Bring on the food!" baby Daniel seems to be saying. Sent in by grandparents Sol & Bobbie Troy of Amissville.

Odd Couple
Bo, the dog, and Miss Molly, the cat smile for the camera. Sent in by Mike & Darlyn Sifford of Edinburg. 

Cutie In The Cart: Spotted In Isle 3
Going shopping with Rudy. "Gee, look at all these hot deals!" Sent in by Joann Reardon of Mineral.

Would You Like Fries With That?
Pixie with her toy hamburger. Sent in by Michael & Christa Setunsky of Woodbridge.

A "Kodak Moment"
5-year-old Cody & his 1-1/2-year-old lab dog, Haley, peak over the fence. Sent in by Danyl & Kim Billups of Franklin.

Where'd The Naked Rat Come From?
Fred is the chubby, soft, pink hairless rat playing with the dog's plastic toy. Mia is the curly-haired Schitzu who seems to be confused. Sent in by  Donna Rankin of Richmond.

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