Say Cheese

Not So Lucky
"'Hey, man! Let Me Out!' says our dog, Lucky," writes owner Linda Woolfrey of Woodford.

Sir Smokey 
"10 month old new baby in house; he wanted a pacifier also!" writes Jeannie Baker of Staunton. 

First "Harley" - The Cat
Nine-week-old JD Lignian Rider. Sent in by Lisa Lignian of Ashland.

Curious Poodle
Toy poodle, Nalani, intently studies a small frog that somehow got on top of a glass table. She is looking at him from below. Sent in by Jay and Robyn Christie of Montpelier.

Posh Pups 
"This photo was taken by my sister, Jennifer Shaulis of Manassas, of her cat, named Josie, lounging in Meany's cage, her pet iguana. Josie often likes to visit Meany on her own turf. Fortunately for Josie, Meany has not lived up to her name towards Josie!" writes Angie and Michael Otto of Ashland.

We Want Out!
O.P. The Opossum likes to spend his resting time in the cat condo. "He's been part of our 'critter' family for 2 years. O.P. is looking out, saying, 'Thank You! See y'all tomorrow!'" writes Mrs.  John S.  Skewes.

Girls Got Goats
Erin Collin of Chesterfield and Jordan Berg of Meherrin. Sent in by Barbara Berg of Meherrin.

A Purrrfect Fit
The sink is a purrrfect fit for Samantha. Just don't turn on the water! Sent in by Carolyn Maples of Appomattox.

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