Say Cheese

Stretching Out
"With a year of yoga,  I'll bet you humans still can't do this." 

Somebody's Sleepy 
Sent in by Gisela Bishop of Manassas.

Toad-Ally Unexpected Guest
"Here's a picture I took this summer of a frog in a bird house of mine. He lived there for a week," writes birdhouse owner Abbie Mainwaring of Windsor.

Boy's Best Backseat Bud
"John loves his dog, Bandit. Later on they fell asleep in the back of the truck. Aren't they cute?" writes John's parents--Jay and Joyce Fariss of Moseley.

What Are You Looking At?
Baby Josh and Earl size each other up. Belong to John and Jessica Mattox of Hurt, and sent in by Cynthia Beard of Evington.

Three Playful Pooches
Kokoro, Mikey, and Wolfie enjoy the first snow of the season. Sent in by owner Michelle Shutlock of Manassas.

Book End Of A Different Kind
Somebody is silently slumbering on the bookshelf---Kit Kat is his name. Owners: Jeanie Baines of Cypress Chapel. Photo sent in by Kit Kat's grandma, Betty Brinkley of Suffolk.

Not To Be Disturbed
It's been a long day for Max. Sent in by Letta Tacey of Hague.

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