Say Cheese

Taking Over
Otto, the Harlequin Great Dane, and Nikki, the black lab, have taken over Marie Somers' bed.

Praying Mantis 
Sent in by Carol Swinehart of Lynch Station.

The Best Nest!
Hannah's chicken has found her a favorite place. Sent in by Melissa Zimbro of Veuvius.

Say Cheese!
Submitted by Mr. And Mrs. Dwight Rhodes, Fredericksburg, VA. 

It's Been A Long Day
Quarter Horse "G-Man" relaxing after a long trail ride. Fairfax County. Submitted by Bonnie Stephens

Cutie Among The Collards
Young Brianna browses among the collards. Sent in by grandparents Ben & Dorothy Lee of Mecklenburg.

Partners During Prime Time
"This is our 1 1/2 year old boxer, 'Muggs,' writes Betty Miller. "He's really 'Mom's Best Friend."

Dog Tired
It's been a long day for these canines. Sent in by Jonathan & Cana Wade of Bristow.

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