Say Cheese

All Wrapped Up
Sent in by Bill and Michelle Thyen of Centreville.

Santa's "Paws" 
Cinders shares her favorite chair with Santa. Sent in by Kathryn and Royal Saufley of Waynesboro.

I Saw Doggie Kissin' Santa
Spotty kisses Santa. Sent in by Helen Denoon of Powhatan.

In The Holiday Spirit
 Sent in by the Bowers of Manassas. 

What A Stretch!
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the Parker household. "Our cat, Jake, loves to help with making Christmas cookies at Christmastime. Jake is 2 1/2 yrs. old and a joy to live with, " writes owner  Jean Parker of Bristow.

Canine Christmastime Cuddling
 Juliet (Golden Retriever) and her boyfriend (next door neighbor, Bullet) cuddle up together. Sent in by Libby and E. J. Ouellette of Boston.

Up To My Neck In Leaves!
Photo of Ruger, owned by  Burke, Sophie, Warren,  Mary Ann, and Bill Street of Midlothian, frolicking in the fall foliage. Sent in by the Robinsons.

Identity Crisis
Sage, a boxer owned by Cassie Lankford of Red Oak, thinks she's a reindeer. Sent in by Robert and Wendy Lankford of Red Oak.

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