Say Cheese

Papillion Pups With A Present
Papillion pups found a snack after a romp in the snow. Photo sent in by Cathy and John Michaelis of Sutherland.

Pepsi Does The Doggy Good 
Are you thirsty? Spice thinks Pepsi Cola really is number one. Photo sent in by Joe and Joyce Kane of Haymarket.

Chummy Chihuahuas 
Chihauahuas, Prissy and Niki, get up close and personal. Photo sent in by Kathy Castello of LadySmith.

What? We Beat Dallas?
Phooh II loves to play in his owner's Redskins trash can while they watch television. Photo sent in by Wanda Hilliard of Spotsylvania. 

The Odd Couple
Photo sent in by Nixon of Mineral.

Man's Best Friend
A loyal friend in a time of deep thought---Cocoa and Billy Smith. "It's great to have a good friend to watch your back." Photo sent in by Benny Smith of Nathalie.

Back Off Busta!
Babs and Beagle face off in a battle of wills. Photo sent in by Phil Smithers of Aylett.

Precious Pups-A-Plenty
Photo sent in by Judy Knight of Stanardsville.

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