Say Cheese

You've Got Mail....With a Tail
Speedy is waiting for the mailman to get a treat. Sent in by Monika Pritchett of Dale City.

What Are You Lookin' At? 
According to the owner, Socks is thinking, "Can't I go along too?"  Sent in by Jamie and Bobbi Jo Wright of Staunton.

Finally, Some Sunshine! 
Bear, looking cool in his shades, waits to go for a ride in his owner's truck. Sent in by Craig Maguire of Montpelier.

Look What I Found...Can I Keep Him?
4-year-old Connor Selman examines a blue tail skink lizard. Sent in by his parents, Randy and Sherry Selman, and his Aunt Janet of Rhoadesville.

Puppies Know How To Party
Marie and Miquel (twins) turned one year old in April and celebrated it with a puppy party. Sent in by  Cheryl Scott of Dinwiddie.

What A Couch Potato!
"Max is sleeping on the job," writes owner Juston Frazier of Gainesville.

Puppy Love
Gromet, an Italian greyhound belonging to Brach and Laura Dunn, snuggles up next to "grandpa" Ron Holmstrand. Sent in by the Holmstands of Disputanta.

It's Not Easy Being Little
Smax is saying, "My legs are too short! Help me." Sent in by 6-year-old Keri Holt of Gretna.

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